The Real You

by Cynthia Stafford (BPRW)

The Real You
As believers, we are both human and divine. As humans we feel emotions, express fear and doubts, our bodies sometimes ache. These are indicators that confirm our humanness. But what about our divinity, our spirits, our reborn spirit that is connected to the Holy Spirit. Do we really know, understand and trust our divinity.

We must develop a deep sense of union with the Presence and Power of God that lives within us. This is our divinity (our divine nature). We must get to a point where our divinity supersedes our humanness. Where our divinity is our first (natural) response instead of our emotions (humanness).

How we view life is how we will experience life. When sickness comes upon our humanness, will we allow our divinity (God in us) to supersede our humanness. In other words, will we accept the sickness (which is not from God) or will we focus on our divinity which declares we are healed by the stripes of Jesus Christ (which is from God). The key is our focus, particularly during challenging and difficult times. Will you focus on God and what He says is true (our divinity) or will you focus on your humanness (with its limitations and falsities; the part which is subject to change).

Lack, poverty, fear, anxiety, worry does not come from God. These manifestations come from things in your human nature and in your thinking that are contrary to God’s Word. The only remedy for the problems is to get back to God. The bible says in essence, let this mind that is in Christ be in you. In other words, think like Christ thought about life, circumstances, people, situations, etc. Jesus always thought God first. He focused on His divinity, His divine nature, His connection to God, first. To be victorious, the real you must be first and foremost every time, every day.
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