Conducting the Path to Earning a Higher Education

by Ashley Felder (BPRW)

Earning a Higher Education
African Americans are not only pursuing college to receive a Bachelor’s degree, but they are widening their horizons and taking education to the next plateau one step at a time. The scales are rising as blacks are realizing the power of an education. More and more black students are entering college with a plan for success.

The African American college enrollment rates are steadily increasing. Studies show that more and more African Americans are receiving Doctoral Degrees.

According to Wikipedia, “A doctorate is an academic degree of the highest level.”

The awarding of Doctoral Degrees to African Americans has reached and all time high. “In 2004 African Americans earned 1,869 doctoral degrees. This number has increased more than 9 percent from a year ago. Black doctorates now stand at the highest level in history,” says The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education. The amount of doctoral degrees received by blacks has increased dramatically since the late 80’s.

Although rates are soaring high, there is still room for accomplishments. “In 2004 blacks made up 7.1 percent of all doctorates awarded to American citizens,” says JBHE.

The African American community has a plan and it’s starting with education!
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